Inclusive and renovated public space

This project proposes a conditioned urbanism with circulation paths, ramps, inclusive accessibility, lighting, signage, urban furnishing, maneuvering yard, tree relocation, corporate and fan zones, tables and chairs, and spaces for brand activations.

A renewed public space that prioritizes pedestrian mobility, sports and outdoor leisure activities, connection with mass transport, the offer of services for social and family encounters, and economic use of public space, with which the use of platforms, commercial modules, green areas, public bathrooms and other elements of furniture and urban environment is enhanced.

The socioeconomic benefits of the modernization of the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit, have a human, social, economic, environmental and physical-spatial approach, which allows the attention of all ages and interests, recognizing this, as a meeting space, a milestone that precedes and cements the future of what is sought and desired to become the city of Medellin.

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